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  • How to place a trade

    In order to place a trade, you will first need to be authorised by ETX Capital (as a company which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, client verification is needed before trading can commence). Once authorised, you will need to log-in and fund your account.

    After that, it depends on the platform which you’re using;

    ETX TraderPro


    • Select the product which you want to trade and click the ‘Trade’ button on the right hand side.
    • A trading ticket should open up, showing you the current levels at which you can either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ the product, as well as allowing you to set the amount which you want to trade.
    • Once you are happy with the amount, click on the red button to ‘sell’ that product or the blue button to ‘buy’ it.

    ETX Binary


    • Clicking on the product you want to trade on automatically opens the trading ticket for the product in question.
    • Depending on the nature of the Binary option, you should see either ‘Call’ and ‘Put’ buttons or equivalent Up or Down buttons with numbers changing depending on the current price of the product.
    • You will also see a drop-down box which may give you a choice of expiration time for the trade. You will also be able to input the amount which you want to place on the trade – the pay-out calculator will show you your potential pay-out should your trade be successful.
    • When you are ready, click on the ‘Invest’ button to place the trade.

    ETX MT4


    • Click on the ‘New Order’ button in the top trading bar.
    • A new window will open. You can select the item you wish to trade by clicking on the ‘Symbol’ drop-down tab, as well as also selecting the amount you wish to trade and potential levels at which you want to insert a stop loss or take the profit.
    • You will then be able to either ‘Sell by Market’ (the red button) or ‘Buy by Market’ (the blue button).

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  • What is Leverage?

    Leverage offers large exposure for a much smaller amount, known as the 'margin requirement'. This means using borrowed capital to supplement an investment. The amount is the potential relationship between profit or loss, and your margin requirement. Leverage is the reason why losses can exceed your deposits. For that reason, a position with higher leverage could make or lose a large amount from a small initial cost. Increasing leverage increases risk.

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  • Maximum deal size

    The maximum deal size may depend on the platform you are using. In general you may place any deal size as long as you have enough funds in your account to cover the margin requirement of the trade. If you cannot enter your deal on our website, please contact us using the free phone number listed on your region's website. In exceptional market conditions, maximum deal sizes may be amended.

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  • What is slippage?

    The difference between the level of an order and the actual price at which it was executed. This can occur during periods of higher volatility such as economic announcements or market opening/end of the trading session.

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  • Minimum deal size

    Minimum deal sizes will range depending on the instrument but most can be traded from as low as 0.50p per point on the spread betting platform and a micro lot when using CFDs.

    For further information please call our trading desk on +44 (0) 207 392 1434.

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  • How do I open an account?

    Please click 'Apply Now'  (hyperlinked), select the platform(s) you wish to apply for and complete the online application form.

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  • Do you offer guaranteed stop losses?

    We do offer guaranteed stop losses on certain markets. There is an additional charge for this facility which will be displayed on the deal ticket upon selection.

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  • How to edit an Order to Open

    Open the Order Book 
    Click Amend on the relevant order to generate an Amend Order window 
    Make the changes you desire and click Amend to confirm changes

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  • How do I open a Meta Trader 4 account?

    If you have an account with us already you can simply login and select the 'add MT4 account option' alternatively if you are not an account holder please click  'Apply now' and select Meta Trader 4 as your platform.

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  • Saving our charts

    Click the Chart icon on the relevant market. Customise the chart by using the tabs along the top and the left hand side of the window. Click the Settings tab and click Save Chart Settings.

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  • How to convert your currency balances

    Daily currency trades are converted into your default currency after midnight (around 02:00 GMT) between Sunday to Thursday. Should you wish for your currency balances to not be automatically converted, you will need to let us know in advance and then contact us each time you would like any balance converted.

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  • How do I open a demo account?

    In order to set up a demo account please select the 'Platforms' tab on our homepage and then select the 'Demo' option and follow the on screen instructions.

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  • Trading funds available

    Your available trading funds can be worked out using the following formula; your liquidation value minus the margin required for open trades. If the figure is positive, then that is the amount that you have available to trade. If negative, then that is the amount that you will need to deposit before having funds available to trade with again.

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  • How long do you keep chart data for?

    Length of Period Length of storage
    Tick data & less than 1 minute periods 1 day
    1 minute periods - 5 minute periods 2 days
    5 minute periods - 30 minute periods 2 weeks
    1 hour periods - 4 hour periods Several months
    1 day periods and above Since the market was created on the ETX Capital platform

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  • What is a dividend?

    If you hold a long position on that market, you will be credited 100% of the dividend amount multiplied by your stake. - If you hold a short position on that market, you will be debited the dividend amount multiplied by your stake. The cash adjustments to your account take place to reflect the change in the price of the underlying market.

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  • Colours of the rates on our trading platform

    Green signals a rise in price Red signals a fall in price.

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  • What are your overnight financing charges?

    • Equities, Indices, Commodities: 
    Total Position Size x 3.5% / 365 – Let’s take Barclays as an example. 
    Total Position size (exposure) - £10000 x 3.5% (Libor + 3) = £350 / 365 = 95p per day in Financing. Please note that for a weekend roll the charge is only applied once but the underlying market spread will be bigger as you are rolling a position for 3 days as opposed to just one. 
    The interest calculation is based on the currencies involved in the trade you have open. The ETX charge is based and calculated on the underlying exchange rate at 20:00 hrs, both are then applied to the size of position(s) you have running and overnight interest is either debited or credited as a ledger entry on your a/c on a daily basis on any open positions held. 

    The overnight funding is derived from the funding charges paid to maintain an open position in the underlying interbank foreign exchange markets often referred to as the Tom/next (tomorrow/next day borrowing, 'swap' or 'swap points') i.e. it is a tradeable market in swaps that moves with interest rate expectations and supply and demand in a similar way to the spot market moves although short dated swaps are traded at the front end of the curve and are very small spreads/”pips” usually to 5 and 6 decimal places
    Also, please note that the underlying market swap rates change and are not fixed so charges may vary and will change when the factors that are used to derive them change, whereas the ETX charge is fixed at 0.0054 % and is competitive when compared to other market participants. Overnight Financing can be accrued or charged depending on the direction of the trade and the intrument that is being traded.

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  • How to place an Order to Open

    Click the Order tab to generate a  New Order  window  
    Select the level you want to buy or sell  
    Adjust remaining sections to your specifications  
    Click Place to confirm your  Order to Open

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  • Our charting packages

    Our platform offers different display styles with a range of drawing tools. You can also add a variety of different studies and save your settings. Click the Chart icon on a market. Click the Charts tab and then click Type to choose your display style.

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  • How to view your MetaTrader 4 trade history

    Click the Account History tab in the  Terminal Box 

    ​To specify trade history, right click Account History  box and select the time period

    ​If the Terminal Box  is not visible, press CTRL + T to open

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  • What is the purpose of limit orders?

    An order to buy or sell a product when it hits a certain price. A limit order is placed when you want to make a trade at a different price than the current quote. Traders should keep in mind that limit orders can be filled at different levels to the one expected in situations of extreme volatility when the markets are not moving smoothly. Please note that, unless agreed, Stop Loss and Limit orders are not guaranteed. 

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  • How to change the style of a chart

    Open a chart by using the Search Bar or by clicking on the market.
    Click the Chart icon to generate a new chart window. 
    Click Charts and then Type to select your chart style.

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  • How to open a chart in a new browser window

    Click the Move to New Window icon located in the top right hand corner of the chart window.

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  • What time do the charts get reset?

    The daily candles on the charts get reset automatically at midnight local market time. For example, the daily candles for the SP 500 - Daily Rolling chart will be from midnight to midnight (New York time). For daily price changes: Daily price changes are applied at midnight London time. All prices are based on the official close of the underlying market.

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  • Why was my Order to Open filled at the wrong level?

    Sometimes it is not possible for your stop or limit order to be transacted at the exact price you have specified.  This may happen when the market moves very quickly or is very illiquid. In these cases, your order may be transacted at a level different to the one you have specified.  The difference in levels is called 'slippage' and will be determined by us on a fair and reasonable basis. Unless agreed, please remember that Stop Loss orders are not guaranteed. For further information please view our Terms and Conditions.

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  • How to add and remove an indicator on your chart

    Click the Studies tab on the chart. Select relevant indicator, select relevant settings, click copy and then close for the indicator to show on the chart.

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  • What time is displayed on the website?

    The time is set in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +0.00). It is synchronised with the market time.

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  • What are the rates displayed in the trading boxes?

    Rates are quoted prices of assets. Note that rates offered by us are not always reflective of exact market prices and can vary up to a few pips. The rates we present in the trading boxes on our home page are those at which we are willing to sell the options for.

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  • Why do the rates continue to change before I make a decision?

    Market fluctuations affect our automatic pricing engine which displays rates in real-time. Additionally, you have the option to cancel your trade if you did not receive the exact rate you wished to trade on.
    Rate analysis is indicated by a blinking movement when the price fluctuates. The price turns green when moving up or red when moving down.To view your overall profit or loss on a position, look at the P/L column within the Open Positions tab corresponding to your relevant position.

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  • How to find your minimum Stop Distance for a market

    Click on relevant market directly or use Search bar 
    Click Trade to generate new deal ticket 
    Click Advanced and check the Stop checkbox 
    Use down arrow to decrease your stop level 
    If you cannot decrease your stop level any more, then you have reached the minimum Stop Distance

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  • Why has my position closed at a different level than my requested Stop or Limit?

    Sometimes it is not possible for your stop or limit order to be transacted at the exact price you have specified. This may happen when the market moves very quickly or is very illiquid. In these cases, your order may be transacted at a level worse than the one you have specified. The difference in levels is called 'slippage' and will be determined by us on a fair and reasonable basis. 
    Please note that, unless agreed, Stop Loss and Limit orders are not guaranteed.  

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  • Can I order two positions in the opposite direction on the same market?

    ETX TraderPro - on some instruments there is a hedging facility whereby the instrument will have 'hedge' in brackets next to the name of the  instrument.

    MT4 will allow you to hedge on the same instrument.

    For more information please call our trading desk on +44 (0) 207 392 1434.

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  • Equities available on our platform

    You can find the stock you wish to trade ​on by using the Search bar on the trading platform.

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  • What types of accounts do you offer?

    ETX Capital offers two different types of platforms to prospective clients;

    ETX TraderPro

    ETX Capital’s flagship platform, TraderPro provides traders with an advanced suite of charts and graphs, as well as access to thousands of tradable products.

    ETX MT4

    ETX Capital hosts a version of the widely popular MT4 platform, which allows users to trade via the use of automated Expert Advisers.

    If you would like to create addtional accounts with us for one of our two platforms you can log into your existing account and and do this from the 'Profile' section of the side panel.

    If you open an account with us for one of these platforms and subsequently wish to also trade on another of our platforms, please email the customer service desk on Having already been through the security process when previously registering, other platforms should be accessible to you. 

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  • Where to find your overall profit or loss on a position

    This will depend on the trading platform which you are using;

    ETX TraderPro

    • Look for the ‘Open Positions’ tab on the lower half of your screen. You will see a list of your current positions, including the date and time they were opened, the quantity ‘bought’ or ‘sold’, the margin reserved and the price of the product in question at the open of the trade as well as its current price.
    • The ‘P/L’ column next to it shows the current level of profit or loss. If the trade is currently in profit, the amount shown will be in white. If the position is currently trading at a loss, the figure will be shown in red. On the right there are buttons giving the trader the option of seeing a product chart, creating a new alert, trading further on the product in question, or closing the trade.

    ETX MT4

    • The open trades can be found in the terminal window of the MT4 platform. This is most often found if you look at the bottom of the screen. Should it not be visible on your platform the terminal window can be added to your view by clicking 'view' in the menu at the top. By selecting the 'trade' tab you are able to see your open trades, as well as your current account balance.
    • You will see the relevant details of your trades (time opened, type, size, symbol, price). You can click on a specific trade and a window will open, giving you options which include allowing you to close the trade.

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  • Can I have more than one account with you?

    Clients can hold more than one account with us, for example one account for each trading platform we offer. You can hold up to five live accounts with us, any additional accounts required would need to be reviewed by our compliance team.

    To create an additional account please log into your existing trading platform. Once logged in go to the 'Profile' section where you will be able to sign up for additional accounts.

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  • How do I register a new debit/credit card to my account?

    A new card can be added once logged in under the "Add Funds" section.  For further guidance, please contact Customer Service on  +44 (0) 20 7392 1494.

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  • How do I appoint a Power of Attorney?

    You will need to request a Power of Attorney form from us by emailing or by calling​ +44 (0) 20 7392 1494.

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  • Why am I unable to make a trade?

    Your account is insufficiently funded, you tried to trade outside of the trading hours or the price at which you are attempting to trade is no longer valid.
    If these reasons are not the case, contact us at or the free phone number listed on your region's website.

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  • Why has my position been closed unexpectedly?

    A Stop or Limit that you have set on your position has been reached and executed. Your position has been closed due to a margin call. If your "Trade Funds Available" figure has slipped into the negative, add funds to your account or close your current position. Doing nothing will result in the Risk Department closing (or partially closing) your position. Alternatively, you may have been trading on a futures contract and its expiration date has been reached. You may call us before the contract's expiration to roll the contract over to the next expiration date.

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