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Equities Rates

Equities are also known as stocks, and every publicly traded company offers stocks – essentially tiny stakes in the company – which can be bought or sold by members of the public. The value of an equity will rise or fall depending on the perceived value of the company in question.

ETX Capital offers thousands of different equities to clients, from a large number of countries. See below for an example of some of the equities we offer.

Spreads will vary based on market conditions, including volatility, available liquidity, and other factors. “Typical” spreads for noted pairs represent the median and are tracked during a specified time frame.


  Commission Margin from
MT4 Leverage from
UK 100 0.1% 20% 1:5
UK 250 0.1% 20% 1:5
UK Small Cap 0.1% 20% 1:5
Europe Major 0.1% 20% 1:5
  Commission Margin from
MT4 Leverage from
US Major 2 cents  20% 1:5
US Minor 2 cents 20% 1:5
Australia 0.2% 20% 1:5
Czech Republic 0.1% 20% 1:5
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