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Meet the Team

Joe Rundle

Joe Rundle Head of Trading

We aim to offer an immersive trading experience to all of our clients, no matter what their level of individual expertise.

With over 10 years in the City, Joe started off as an independent trader and soon moved to Fleet National Bank, which later merged with Bank of America, trading both forex and interest rates. Climbing his way through the broking world, servicing high net worth clients and hedge funds, Joe is now the head of trading at ETX Capital, where he has been for the past eight years.

Mark Priest

Mark Priest Head of Index & Equity Market Making

We know that traders are looking for competitive spreads; and we believe we have that to offer.

After leaving the military in 1996, Mark launched his career in the CFD industry with IG Markets, but soon turned to trading convertible bonds at a hedge fund. Pushing his career further, Mark went onto brokering futures and options at GNI, which later was taken over by Man Group. With his wealth of experience in the financial industry, Mark is Head of Index and Equity Market Making at ETX Capital, where he has been since 2004.

Richard Wiltshire

Richard Wiltshire Chief Dealer Foreign Exchange

With over 50 different FX pairs available to choose from, we’re confident that traders will find what they’re looking for.

ETX Capital's Chief Dealer Richard Wiltshire started his career in the industry almost 28 years ago. He spent 17 years at NatWest Markets trading Interbank FX, in addition to dealing for institutional and corporate clients, during which time he also enjoyed brief attachments in Asia. He has been in the CFD industry since 2000, and after 8 years at IG Markets, he joined ETX Capital in late 2008 to help start up the FX desk.

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